As I maker I’m driven to create objects with a simple aesthetics and designs that complement the functionality of the vessel. In life, often the things we cherish the most are not lavish things but rather functional things that we use on a day to day basis. Because we cherish them, we pass them down. For instance, I have a set of plates that were passed down from my great grandmother, to my grandmother, to my mother, and now I they belong to me. To me they hold sacred and personal value and I will pass them on to my children. We want to give the ones of the future pieces of our past. During the 19th century, in the southern states, enslaved people fleeing the oppression of their owner’s people fled the south for the north via the underground railroad. Through archeological evidence, there have been ceramic face jugs found along the way that former slaves would bring with them to their new lives. They considered these items precious enough to carry hundreds of miles. They passed them down generation to generation and some families still have theirs to this day. These pieces were evidently made by hand and people did not want that lost or forgotten


As a mother, being able to be a part of creating a life for my children and watching them grow is amazing. My time with them is always fleeting and that is a constant reminder that time is an unstoppable force. With my work, I want to transcend time and conquer more years than my being allows. When one holds a piece of my work in their hands or in their gaze they can see the ridges, lines, curves, and various marks that were made by my authority. This in turn allows the viewer to perceive the work or individual moments that went into each piece, through my objects, by connecting maker with beholder in an instant.


I make pottery and ceramic pieces to honor the past, present, and the future. The contrast between the two clay bodies I use are immense, black and white, is one end of the spectrum to the other. I use strong and delicate color choices to pull a person into my objects. They can be drawn together with subtle glazes containing hints of color or deep tonal value. I like to focus on having that be the line that keeps all the pieces drawn together. I want to make things with a tangible and functional value. Things that people can hold and feel and use and love. My work is about giving an object functional purpose and offering others a way to use, be a part of, and experience that purpose.